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Q: Is window film expensive?

A: Compared to any other custom window treatment, that offers the same benefits as window film, no.


Q: What visible signs show the window is tinted?

A: Depending on the density (darkness) of the film you choose, there is a varying amount of darkening of the glass, and on all four (4) sides of the window, you will find a trim line of 1/16" to 1/8". This trim line is there for two reasons: first, the fluids used to apply the film must have an outlet from which to escape during application, second, this is a proper installation requirement, of the manufacturer and therefore is needed to validate the product's warranty.


Q: Is the film applied on the interior or exterior side of the window?

A: Vista and Llumar window films, with the exception of Llumar RK-20, are applied to the interior side of the glass. This protects the film from the harsh elements thus providing you with a lifetime of protection from the damaging effects of the sun.


Q: How long is the product warranted?

A: Residentially, Vista film is warranted for as long as you own and live in the home where the film is applied. The warranty is transferable from the original purchaser to the next owner of the home. The warranty can be transferred one time only.


Q: Is the film removable?

A: Yes, with nominal effort. The film can be removed from your windows without leaving any marks or causing damage to the existing glass. This is a service provided by HEI Window Tinting & Fashions. The film cannot be reused after the initial application.


Q: Does the application of window film stop the fading of my home's interior?

A: No. Window film will greatly reduce the potential for fading by filtering up to 99.9% of the sun's harmful ultra-violet rays. Depending on which film you choose, the fading of most fabrics will be reduced up to 75%. Some fabrics are extremely delicate and can be damaged by the sun even with the application of film. Please ask for 'Defense against Fading' brochure #L1274 for more information.


Q: Will the application of window film help my cooling costs in the summer?

A: Yes. Vista & Llumar high-performance window films are designed to reject up to 79% of the sun's total solar energy. This means that the more glass you cover that receives direct sunlight, the more heat you will prevent from entering the room. Remember, the film blocks solar heat and does not affect the ambient air temperature.


Q: Will the application of window film help reduce my heating costs in the winter?

A: Our window films are designed to reduce solar energy. Proper insulation and airtight windows and doors best reduce heating costs. Because window film is an insulating product, a side effect is the re-radiation of some heat escaping through the glass, but it is not sold or designed to reduce heating costs.


Q: I've heard that window film can crack glass. Is this true?

A: Window film by itself does not break windows. Vista & Llumar representatives are fully trained in the proper application of film in the northeast region of the country. However, if a window is subject to any of the following conditions - installed incorrectly, has an edge against a nail or screw, contains any chips in the edge of the glass, is already under stress from settlement of the building or other hidden or unknown stress factors, then the added stress of window films may act as a catalyst for damage. If the application of window film by an accredited installer is the sole cause of thermal shock fracture, the manufacturer's warranties cover windows that are damaged due to thermal shock fracture. Details are available in the copy of the warranty that is enclosed.


Q: How will my plants react to tinting the windows?

A: Medium and light density films may slow the growth of common household plants for the first several weeks while the plant adjusts to the presence of the film. Following the film's application, plants usually require less watering and this may result in a healthier plant overall. Most plants will thrive with window film, because they won't "burn" on sunny days.


Q: Will my windows look "shiny" from the outside or look like mirrors?

A: No. Our most popular films are neutral and make very little change to the exterior.

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